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Canteen Price List

Download the QKR app to order online! PLPS students write teachers name (eg. 3Quinn). PLJPS students write room number. Orders cut off 9am daily. Lunch bag ordering still available. Canteen phone 86824097.

Daily Specials


Sushi - Crispy Chicken or Tuna & Avacado $3.80


Baked Potato (with bacon, cheese, coleslaw, sour cream) $5.00


Burgers: Chicken or Beef (cheese, lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, sauce, mayo) $5.00


Pasta Bolognaise - Small $3.00 Large $5.00


Chicken Fried Rice - Small $3 Large $5

Available Every Day

Hot Food

Hot Dog (sauce 30c) $4.00

Sausage Roll (sauce 30c) $3.50

Pie (sauce 30c) $4.50

Mini Pie (sauce 30c) $1.00

Chicken & Gravy Roll $4.50

Pizza Muffin $1.50

Chicken Nuggets (6 max) 50c each

Cheese Toastie $2.50

Ham & Cheese Toastie $3.50


Chicken, lettuce & Mayo $4.00

Egg, lettuce & mayo $4.00

Salad (cheese, lettuce, tomato, carrot & cucumber) $3.50

Extras - add chicken, ham, wrap or roll $1.00ea


Popcorn (bag) 50c

Cheese & Veggie snack pack $1.00

Fruit Snack Pack $1.00

Rice Cracker Pack (BBQ) $1.00

Pretzels $1.00

Chicken JJ's $1.00

Red Rock Deli Crisps (sea salt, honey soy or sweet chilli) $1.50

Grain Waves (sour cream) $1.50

Sun Fruits $1.50


Plain milk $1.50

Sipahh Straw (choc or straw) .50c

Flavoured Milk (choc or straw) $2.50

Juice (orange, apple, paradise punch) $2.00

Water (600ml) $1.50

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