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Governing Council

Role of the Governing Council
The Governing Council is jointly responsible with the Principals for the governance of Port Lincoln Primary and Port Lincoln Junior Primary Schools.
Its function is to involve the school community in the governance of the schools, to strengthen and support public education in the community. This includes:

  • providing a focus and forum for involvement of parents and the school community.
  • ensuring cultural and social diversity of community is considered and particular needs appropriately identified.
  • setting broad directions and visions of the schools.
  • strategic planning for the schools including considering, approving, and monitoring human resources and asset management plans.
  • to determine school policies including safety, welfare and discipline of students.
  • to determine application of then total financial resources available to the schools including regular budget reviews.
  • monitor and review the service agreement.
  • report to the school community and Minister on the strategic plan, finances, operational plans and Council’s operation.
  • has responsibility for the proper care and maintenance of any property owned by the Council.
  • has responsibility for the employment of any persons required for the operation for the School Canteen.

Composition of the Governing Council

  • Port Lincoln R-6 Schools Governing Council comprises of 24 Councillors including:
    • Principals, 4 Staff Representatives and 18 Parent Representatives.
  • The majority of Councillors must be elected parents of the schools.
  • Persons elected at the Annual General Meeting are elected for a 2 year term with usually half of the positions falling vacant each year.
  • Any Councillor elected by SRC or the Student Body will be elected for a 1 year term.
  • Staff representatives are elected for a 1 year term.
  • Councillors are eligible for subsequent re-election, re-nomination or re-appointment.