Port Lincoln Primary School Port Lincoln Primary School

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Values / Vision

We believe that everyone who comes to the Port Lincoln Primary School has something special to offer.

This means that our school is a place where thinking, trialling, problem solving and decision making are encouraged and supported.

We develop the skills of inquiry and engage students in their learning.


Our school values:

·   Team Work: Team work is committing to working productively together to achieve common        goals in a safe and supportive way.

·   Inclusion: Inclusion is everyone feeling welcomed, valued, accepted and connected.

·   Responsibility: Responsibility is taking ownership of your:- self management, learning, choices and outcomes.

·   Respect: Respect is the ability to value and care for yourself, other and the community.

·   Resilience: Resilience is the ability to “bounce back” in response to perceived challenges or conflicts.


Our school is characterised by:

·   Staff who work cooperatively and happily with students and parents, and in doing so share pride in their school and its achievements.

·   Children who enjoy learning and respect the rights of others.

·   Parents who are actively involved in the life of the school and its decision making processes.

·   Shared leadership reflecting the needs of the school, its community and responding positively to change.

·   A positive public profile.